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Building your NDIS supports

The NDIS is all about our choice and control, so why choose Wesley Mission? 

People often come in contact with us when they need to find a place to live or through one of our centre based programs like Wesley LifeSkills. But we can help people in more ways than you might realise. Our supports cover a whole range of things including professional therapies and help around the home. 

Check out the Wesley Mission NDIS supports below. It covers every support we’re registered to provide under the NDIS but you can use it to choose the supports you need. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about funding yet, we can work that out together.

Live a meaningful life; work, friends and more

Finding and keeping a job 

Taking charge of your mental health 

Wesley LifeSkills

Communicating with your community 

Making relationships better 

Live a meaningful life; work, friends and more

Household tasks

Mind and body 


Personal care

Life skills 

Live a meaningful life; work, friends and more

Specialist disability accommodation 

Modifying your home 

Rental support 

Shared living 

Life skills 

Choosing Wesley Mission as your NDIS provider

  1. Registered NDIS service provider
  2. Committed to supporting your NDIS goals
  3. Experienced provider of disability services

Whether you’re new to the NDIS or not, we can talk to you about all things NDIS. Our team have offered support in the lead up to planning meetings, making plans a reality or prepared for reviews. No matter where you are on the NDIS journey, we can help you live the life you want.

Call 1300 086 906 or email us at

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