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Family connections

We are committed to supporting our foster carers and the children in their care. We realise the importance of maintaining contact, where appropriate with birth families and want to ensure children in foster care have every opportunity to grow.

Keeping children who are in care connected with their birth families is an essential part of our out of home care. Research shows that children who maintain regular contact with their birth families do better both in foster care and after leaving care, than those who lose that connection.

The service provides a structured approach by arranging regular, supervised and safe transport options as well as contacts that promote positive interactions with their family.

It also provides contact support staff who transport and supervise contact visits which are held in a safe environment. Staff are carefully matched to the family’s needs and are focused on the success of the visit.

The service offers:

  • contact times and activities suitable for children and families
  • secure, family friendly environments
  • safe, reliable transport
  • comprehensive reporting as required.

We believe that contact visits should be based on building and maintaining family relationships and that, through sensitive planning and supervision, we can help parents and children enjoy a great experience.

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