Help us reform gambling in casinos

Are you shocked that New South Wales casino staff don’t have to complete an independent Responsible Conduct of Gambling Code training, like pub and club staff do?

We are. Because we know for every person caught in gambling, at least seven others are harmed. Too many times we’ve seen casinos put profits ahead of protecting the wellbeing of their customers and staff.

Casinos have shown they can’t be trusted with self-regulation. Yet currently, the legislation allows them to design, deliver and certify training for their own staff. How can we trust them to ensure they train their staff to prioritise the needs of someone struggling with gambling over the casino’s profits?

We’ve had a #gutfulofgambling harm and want to see change. How? By advocating for independent training for casino staff to support people who are experiencing gambling harm at casinos.

Our goal

We’re urgently asking the NSW government to impose an independent Responsible Conduct of Gambling Code to ensure casino staff are better equipped to identify a person experiencing gambling harm and learn how to respond. Find out more about our Casino Reform Campaign below and discover how you can get involved.

Act now

We’re starting our Casino Reform Campaign with a press conference to call for an independent Responsible Conduct of Gambling Code to be imposed on casinos. We need your support. So, join us at the press conference and be part of our campaign.

When: Monday 8 August 2022

Time: 10am

Where: Waterman’s Cove Barangaroo Sydney, outside Crown Barangaroo

Join up

Sadly, the gambling industry doesn’t prioritise the wellbeing of people who take part in gambling. We want to change this by speaking out. With your support, we’re advocating for decision makers, including regulators, politicians and owners of casinos, to do the right thing and provide independent responsible conduct of gambling training, so their staff know how to respond to people experiencing gambling harm at their casinos.

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