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Winter 2020: After a dark time, Katie is smiling again

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Katie’s house in Sydney burned down because of faulty wiring. After her family’s applications to rent another property were knocked back time after time, they were forced to move into a friend’s tumbledown garage with no running water or power. Katie is scared of the dark and the long nights were so difficult for her.

Winter was very hard too. They felt like they could never get warm. On his part-time labourer’s wage, her dad Glenn says they may not have been able to move on from where they were. But thanks to support like yours, we could help this family with groceries and temporary accommodation. This gave Glenn the breathing space he needed to find a new job. With Wesley Mission providing references and contributing to their bond, they’re so grateful to be back renting their own place again.

“It’s fantastic to be providing for my family again, especially as it comes into winter,” Glenn says. “Looking back on where we’ve been, I just can’t believe how far we’ve come. We have hope now. Every day I thank Wesley Mission and the people who give to their work and make it possible.”

Lack of affordable housing, especially in cities, is one reason people become homeless. It’s particularly difficult for families living on one income. And with unemployment now rising because of COVID-19, more people than ever are at risk of losing their homes. Coinciding with the coldest season, this will make the next few months especially tough.

Thank you for helping families like Katie’s into safe and warm accommodation that is giving them hope this winter.

*Names, photos and identifying details changed for privacy.


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