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Individually tailored services

Since every person is unique, all our services are customised to meet individual needs. Our care planning is family-focused, partnering with mothers to work with their families, carers, and other relevant mental health and community support service providers.

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We provide a suite of programs and interventions, both individual and group, tailored to meet the needs of the family.

Family coaching in natural environments

Allied health professionals work closely with each mother and her children in her natural environment to conduct mental health interventions, assist with daily living activities, and build on parenting and independent living skills.

Mental health care services

To ensure the health and physical wellbeing of mothers and their children, we have staff on-site. Mental health nurses also provide information to clients and their families about particular mental health conditions and tips to help prevent relapse

Early childhood education and consultation services

To ensure that mothers and their children are on-site supported, we have a team of early childhood experts who provide parenting support and education to mothers and access to developmentally appropriate experiences and care for children involved in the program.

Client transitions and engagement team

The client transitions and engagement team build links to the mother’s community, such as to housing, health care, recreation, vocational pursuits, and carer support services, in preparation for her transition back into the community.

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