Treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is traditionally associated with war veterans, but can affect anyone whose life or wellbeing has been under threat or who has witnessed trauma. 

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People experiencing PTSD may experience a variety of mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and substance abuse

At Wesley Hospital we offer proven and effective treatment for PTSD at our hospitals in both Ashfield and Kogarah to help you return to a fulfilled and connected life with your family and friends. We understand that discussing your traumatic experiences can be difficult, which is why we offer personalised care in a friendly and non-discriminatory environment.

PTSD commonly requires flexible and holistic treatment tailored to meet a range of psychiatric issues, such as depression or substance use. One of our caring staff members will work with you during admission to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Inpatient treatment involves staying in hospital for a period to receive focused 24-hour care. This may be the best treatment for you if you also have another disorder, such as severe depression, or if you require a period of stabilisation as a result of your PTSD.

Once these other disorders are stabilised in an inpatient setting, therapy can continue in a day patient program. 

Treatment through our day patient program involves attending short sessions. The number of sessions you would attend depends on the program and your personal needs. There are three day patient programs that PTSD day patients will commonly attend. They are our group programs for:

  • depression
  • anxiety management
  • anger management.

The programs are run using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques, facilitated by a multi-disciplinary team led by a clinical psychologist. CBT is a collaborative group process, encouraging you to participate in group discussions and practice new techniques between sessions.

Wesley Hospital’s treatment includes:

  • detailed clinical assessment from qualified professionals
  • provision of psychiatric care
  • increasing motivation to change
  • education about trauma and its effects
  • education regarding the relationship between trauma and emotional issues, including depression, anxiety and anger
  • education about depression, anxiety, and anger
  • education about the impact of your time in the Services on your thinking, behaviour, and relationships
  • assistance to identify triggers of depression, anxiety, and anger
  • assistance to develop strategies to improve management of the symptoms of depression, anxiety and anger
  • CBT to address thoughts and behaviours that are associated with trauma, depression, anxiety, and anger
  • skill development, including problem solving skills, assertiveness and communication skills, distress tolerance and mindfulness skills
  • improvement of self esteem
  • relapse prevention
  • wellness maintenance
  • symptom management.

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